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What to get your coworkers for Christmas


Whether your company has a holiday party or not, you probably want to get the people you see every day at work a small Christmas gift!  Take a look at my 30 easy and cheap gift ideas.

  1. Hand sanitizers (“Hands down you are the best coworker around!”)
  2. Tumbler filled with candy (Christmas themed)
  3. Christmas coffee mugs (can get from the dollar store) and fill them with candy, cookies or fudge!
  4. Baked goods
  5. Goodie bags with nail polish, nail file, and holiday socks with a note that says “For Your Mistletoes”
  6. Brownie mix jar (layer the ingredients in a mason jar, put a cute fabric scrap, and tie a ribbon on it)
  7. Wine
  8. Mason Jar: Hot coco packet, marshmallow packet, and mini bottle of peppermint schnapps
  9. Hand lotion (Bath and Body Works has scents for men)
  10. Body Scrub (Coffee scrub for the men)
  11. Holiday socks
  12. Bath bombs or bubble bath soap
  13. Hand soap with a Christmas kitchen towel
  14. Christmas oven mit and cookie cutter
  15. Ornaments (DIY or store bought)
  16. Slippers filled with Bath and Body works mini items
  17. Fuzzy blankets
  18. Candles
  19. Popcorn, candy, and a movie
  20. Apples with caramel in a mason car
  21. Ice-cream Sunday in a box (sprinkles, mini bowls, ice-cream scoop, ice-cream cones)
  22. Coffee mug and mini bag of coffee beans
  23. Washable coffee cup cozy
  24. Holiday granola in a jar
  25. Festive winter gloves
  26. Cookie mix and cookie cutters
  27. Mini can of coke and mini bottle of whiskey
  28. Notepad and pen
  29. Wine glass and mini bottle of wine
  30. Essential oils




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