Attention Men: Your Tinder Profile Sucks

Not getting the Tinder matches you want? Ever wondered why people swipe left when they see your Tinder profile? Lucky for you, social media has connected me to thousands of lovely ladies from around the world and we are here to tell you the honest truth on why we swiped left.

• Bad teeth
• All your photos are of cars
• Group pictures. Which one are you? THIS ISN’T A MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST
• No bio
• Your bio is basically a novel
• Too many selfies
• All gym mirror pictures
• You don’t have any pictures
• You look shorter than me
• You are a bad speller
• Only one picture, no mutual friends, and no Instagram link – I smell catfish
• Pictures clearly with an ex-girlfriend or wife
• Sexist jokes in your bio
• You were wearing a ratty wife beater tank
• You have a kid
• Sunglasses in every picture…what’s wrong with your eyes?
• You are a vegetarian
• Endless airport codes – MGM>ATL>LAX>DFW
• You are visibly hammered in most of your photos
• “Netflix and chill” in your bio
• You can’t seem to have one matching outfit
• Skinny or excessively fit – you can’t have a hotter body than me because I’m insecure
• You have hot girls in your photos – I don’t want to compete
• “No fat women” in bio – I’m not fat but you’re just rude as hell
• You list your fraternity as if it were an accomplishment
• All your pictures are from raves
• You have poor grammar
• You look like you have bad hygiene (example: greasy hair)
• “I won’t message you” in your bio – WHY ARE YOU HERE?
• You are “self-employed”
• Emojis after every word or sentence
• “Here for the weekend” in bio – sounds like a solid way to get an STD, no thank you
• U tYpE Lyk Di$
• You don’t smile
• You have different political views than me in your bio
• You wear flat bills
• You wear cargo shorts in every picture
• “Actually 17 not 26” – Gtfo because I set my age requirements for a reason
• You have photos with cats
• Any guy that refers to himself as “daddy” is an immediate nope
• You wear salmon Chubbies in every photo
• “Looking for something serious” or “just looking to have fun” – How can you know what you want with me when you don’t know me
• Any words like “fam,” “lit,” “bae”
• Shirtless selfies
• A long list of prefers or dislikes about women in bio (example: too much makeup)
• Bad tattoos that look like you got them because of a dare

*Want to add to the list? Comment below or send me an email!



**Before I met my husband, I dabbled in the #Tinder world



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