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70’s Hexagon End Table Makeover

I recently scored these two 70’s end tables for $25! People are getting rid of their solid wood furniture left and right because they look a little outdated. If you have patience and a little bit of creativity, you can turn any old piece of furniture into something you would pay a pretty penny for at the store! And most importantly, skip the hours of hard sanding with this method! 












IMG_6424 2.jpg


Materials Used:

  • Paint Brush
  • Foam Brush
  • Paint Pan
  • Fine Steel Wool Pad
  • Screwdriver
  • General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint
  • General Finishes Black Cherry Wood Stain
  • General Finishes Flat Top Coat Sealant
  • General Finishes Semi-Gloss Top Coat Sealant
  • Spray Paint for hardware or new hardware





  1.  Take steel wool pad and de-gloss furniture. You don’t need to spend too much time on this. You may be able to see the wood get less shiny but sometimes it looks the same. Just give the piece a good wipe down.
  2. Take off the hardware (handles, knobs) – you will need a screwdriver!
  3. Clean the furniture with a microfiber cloth to get all the dust and dirt off.
  4. Paint! Use a roller or paint brush depending on the size of your project. Don’t let big paint drips dry. The first coat will look horrible. Trust me. After two or three coats it will look much better!
  5. Sand if you want to get that rustic look. Skip if you don’t want that.
  6. After the paint is completely dry, it is time to seal. I used a foam brush and put three coats on. A little goes a long way. Do not let the paint drips dry; the sealer will dry a different color if it is in big pools.
  7. If you want to stain portions of your project, do step 1 and 2. Use a paint brush or foam brush (for this particular stain; other brands might have you use a cloth). I did three or four coats.
  8. Seal the stained piece with three coats of sealant as well.
  9. Spray paint old hardware or visit your local home improvement store and purchase new hardware like I did! Make sure to measure the existing holes to buy something that will fit.

* I used the flat sealant for the body of the end table and the semi-gloss sealant for the top piece of the end table




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