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Fireplace Makeover – Painted Tile

We recently moved into a new house and there has been a ton of projects! I wanted a cheap and quick fix for our fireplace surround – it’s a terracotta style tile. While I’m sure this won’t be a long term solution – it has definitely held up well for the last few months and makes a HUGE difference in our living room. And better yet – it cost me about $20 to complete!






  • I cleaned the tile very well – I used a tile cleaner and bleach. I used a sponge and steel wool to scrub the surface to get any dirt or grime off. I then used a microfiber cloth to rinse and give a final wipe down.
  • I took a piece of sandpaper to try to rough up the tile a bit before I painted.
  • I then taped off the edges.




Materials Used: 




Paint Process:

  • I did 3-4 coats of chalk paint – I painted until I could not see paint strokes or the tile underneath
  • After it dried for a couple of hours, I put a polycrylic sealant over top. I did three coats of that to make sure it was durable.


Final Outcome:






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