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70’s Hexagon End Table Makeover

I recently scored these two 70’s end tables for $25! People are getting rid of their solid wood furniture left and right because they look a little outdated. If you have patience and a little bit of creativity, you can turn any old piece of furniture into something you would pay a pretty penny for… Continue reading 70’s Hexagon End Table Makeover

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Dining Room Table Makeover Tutorial

Oak is out. By out I mean outdated, old fashioned, behind the times. Because of that, people are getting rid of their sturdy, well made oak furniture left and right. Ikea has replaced strong wood furniture with more modern, but flimsy pieces. I encourage anyone with patience and a good work ethic to grab all the… Continue reading Dining Room Table Makeover Tutorial

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What to get your coworkers for Christmas

  Whether your company has a holiday party or not, you probably want to get the people you see every day at work a small Christmas gift!  Take a look at my 30 easy and cheap gift ideas. Hand sanitizers (“Hands down you are the best coworker around!”) Tumbler filled with candy (Christmas themed) Christmas… Continue reading What to get your coworkers for Christmas